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BPMN : Process Modeling Conformance February 26, 2013

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After reading the BPMN2.0 specification you need to remember the following in order to understand how JBPM is built and works.

The Process Modeling Conformance packages that MUST be in our BPM tool are:

BPMN Core Elements: Infrastructure, Foundation, Common and Services Packages.

Process Diagrams: Process, Activities, Data and Human interaction Packages.

Collaboration Diagrams: Pools and Message Flow.

Conversation Diagrams: Pools, Conversation and Conversation Links.

Then we have have ALTERNATIVE Process Modeling Conformance sub-Classes:

Descriptive: Containing Visible Elements and Attributes used in High level Modeling.

Analytic: Containing all of the Descriptive and some more.

Common Executable: The sub-class focuses on what is needed for executable Process Models.

Now going a little deeper into the BPMN Process Elements. The Process Modeling Conformance TYPE SET consists of collaboration and Process diagram elements:

Descriptive Conformance Sub-Class Elements: Task, Service Task, User Task, Data Object, Sequence Flow, Message Flow, Start / End Events…

Analytic Conformance Sub-Class Elements: Contains all the elements of the Descriptive sub-class and…, Send Task, Receive Task, Looping Activity, signal Start / End Event…

Common Executable Conformance Sub-Class: It’s used for modeling tools that can emit executable models:

  • Definition language MUST be XML Schema.
  • Service interface definition MUST be WSDL
  • Data access language MUST be XPath.

After taking note of the MUSTs of the Common Executable Conformance Sub-class here I leave you with some cool links:




BPMN2.0 : my way to get back to good things. February 15, 2013

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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post, but well if Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to the movie business why shouldn’t I return to my blog.

This post will be short as I am a little rusty, but here I leave you the link to the BPMN2 specs:


That documentation is pretty extensive. So I recommend you to read especially the section that references BPEL Process Execution Conformance. 

After reading that we’ll have the basic knowledge to get into the Good Thing, that is JBPM5.

Stay tuned for future posts regarding this topics 😀