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Cloning a Repository Using The EGit Eclipse Plugin With GitHub (on WINDOWS) September 9, 2010

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In this post we`ll be learning, in 6 steps, how to clone an External Repository and have our Local one.

Basic Steps
1-Install and Configure msysGit. (See steps in this LINK msysGit)
2-Remember you have to create your SSH Key. (See steps in this LINK Create Shh Key)
3-Install the Egit Plugin using, EGit

Cloning Steps
After you have installed the Plugin, lets Clone an External Repository:

a) You will probably have this 2 folders, “C:\Users\{user}\.shh” and “C:\Users\{user}\shh”. The .shh folder has the files with your Shh Key, so you should copy the files from this folder to the shh folder because EGit tries to get your Public Key from C:\Users\{user}\shh.
b) Now on the Package Explorer do: Right Click -> Import…
c) Select Git -> Projects from Git.
d) This Window should appear:

Select the clone button.
e) In this new Window, you have to pay attention to these Fields: URI and protocol

f) Please follow the next sequence to complete these field, to avoid problems. First, put in the URI field{yourRepository}/{yourProject}.git . Second, select the protocol git+ssh and Finish.

That would be all…

PS: Remember that the new Local Project should have the same name as the one in the Public Repository ;).